Prophetess LaToya Deshawn is the founder of Covenant Lifestyle Blog which was established Fall of 2014.

She received her Bachelors of Art from Roosevelt University. This equipped her to use the anointing of the scribe to break the yokes of bounded souls. This produced the infamous saying, “Her pen is anointed and her heart only desires to please God.”

While growing into two mantles. She serves diligently at her local church home The Master’s Touch. LaToya takes much solace in empowering women and advocating a holiness lifestyle. If you would like to write to LaToya Deshawn personally or to book her to speak at your church or event email



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I would like to properly introduce myself. My name is LaToya Déshawn Smith and I have been walking this celibacy journey for almost five years now. If I can be completely frank, that was never my intention.

Fall of 2018 I wrote a blog “Single Christian Girl in the City”and it was a hit. Tons of emails and comments flowed after it was posted. The unbelievable amount of women, Christian women! That were feeling the exact same way was strange yet comforting all at once. A tribe of women emerged desiring the road map to navigating these dating streets. Especially, while trying to maintain a holy lifestyle. Swerving the potholes can damage a sister! I’ve said it before and I am saying it again, “May the odds be forever in our favor ladies.”

Honestly, like so many single Christian women before me that made a vow of celibacy; a godly marriage was soon to follow. In fact, I have seen it occur first hand for so many women. Except for me. I have read all the books, attended all the seminars, listened over and over to the sermons and still I am single. What am I doing wrong?

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