Dear Future Husband,


I have felt lead to not only pray for you but the company you keep as well. No matter how old we are. The ones around us influence us the most. Their roles are essential to your growth or complacency. Your growth is vital to me. Your growth as a single man sets the tone for the married man you are becoming. I am praying that this company you are among walks in integrity, filled with wisdom, and have a stable relationship with God.

 1 Corinthians 15:33  Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.

 Integrity is a trait that is rarely practiced nowadays. I can honestly count on my hands how many individuals I’ve bumped into that operates out of pure integrity. Without it you’re destined to compromise your purpose. Your integrity is a priority point on my prayer list. However, your circle of friends falls right under that. I am more than sure you have found yourself in compromising situations. Integrity or the lack of integrity has either gotten you in them or out of them. The apostle Paul hit it right on knob. Your character my love is what God judges when no one is looking.

Your character as the head of our household will lead us into blessings or valleys. Please……… lead us into blessings. I don’t like self made valleys, love. A friend that walks hand and hand with integrity has a pure heart for God, family and friends. They will hold you accountable about the actions you make that will impact your present and future. An integrity filled friend sees more than just potential in you but greatness. They have set goals aside to assist or speak into those passions that you hold dear to your heart. This friend will correct you when you’re wrong with love being the foundation.

Proverbs 4:6 Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you.

Wisdom is such a sexy lady. She is harsh yet soft at the same time. She only speaks when there is a need. Her, my love should be a trait you search for in all that is connected to you. Although, you may very well be the most smartest and interesting man to yourself and I. There will always be times where wisdom is needed. The depths of your circles wisdom will either lift you or hinder you. I have been mediating on this scripture for quite sometime. Not only for myself but for you as well. I am just now exiting the season where God has been plucking out; His choice of people in my life. He has replaced them with pure in heart and wisdom filled people. Their behavior, advice, and comfort has gotten me out of some pickles.

I have come to notice that these God-sent individuals placed their faith on the table during our first encounter. This was my indicator they were sent for a purpose. Like I’ve said before. Since we are going to “one” and all. I am 100% sure you are experiencing the removal and replacement of friends as well. Having wisdom in common with your friends, is something you will benefit from in days to come.

Proverbs 12:26 The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.

A righteous man has a covenant relationship with God. Christ is being formed in us all. It’s more than easier to walk this narrow path with a righteous friend. That friend that is intentional with their actions. The iron sharpens iron friend. I pray this person is already in your life or on the path to meet you soon. In my hopefully short absence this person will intercede and stand in the gap when needed.

Their friendship will be a form of discernment for you. We all have blind spots. Well, I hope and pray that this friend can see when you can’t spiritually. Accountability is essential when you’re constantly growing. You want to make sure you are growing from the right soil. This friend will be sure to see you grow and push you as much as possible. I am not the only one that will see greatness in you. Your friends do too. Your true friends.

Their positive feedback will empower you to continue on during those mental wars I know you battle with. Rest assure my love I’ve been coming against that as well. That depression and oppression that hovers over you is no match for our God. As your soon to be best friend I am progressing towards strengthening my relationship with God daily. I am focused on chasing Him and Him alone. I’ve yet to grow weary( well I haven’t quit lol). Until my arrival. Baby, please confide in this friend. He or she wants nothing but the best for you. You don’t have to face any situation alone. Their stable relationship with God will encourage you to keep going forward. Your dreams are becoming a reality and their prayers have catapulted you thus far.

Dear God, 

Today I place the friends of my future husband at your feet. Examine their hearts, intentions, and character. Reveal to my future husband who has been sent from you. Let the masks come off of the ones that have only come to take instead of sow into this life. Remove all transactional relationships from his circle. Allow a purpose to come forth from all that call him a friend. Let him be exactly what he needs in a friend to them. I pray that these seeds will produce fruit that not only they can see but others as well.  Prosper each and everyone of their hands. Flourish their dreams and passions according to your will, oh God.

Create in them a clean heart a renew the right spirit in them all. Let him and the surrounding men be the epitome of Ephesian men.  Grant them the advantage to run after you like never before. All with the same goal in mind. The goal of serving you and your kingdom with everything that they do. Increase the need to practice integrity based decisions. To allow wisdom to be more than just a term, yet a lifestyle. Sanction their courage to speak wisdom at all times. Most of all Daddy God, increase their need for you. Provoke a hunger and thirst so great that your will is done in and around them purposefully. You are the grand connector. Connect the missing links in each and every person that is placed in my future husband’s life. 




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