Dear Future Husband,


I have been studying the life of Abigail, the wife of King David. Abigail is no ordinary woman. I came across her story while reading about my favorite character David. Besides Jesus, he is by far the most relate able in the good book. The encounter of David and Abigail was nothing short of destiny. Her wit and wisdom is how she both saved and caught the eyes of the beloved David. Abigail’s reputation definitely proceeded her. The cool hand over the hot head not only defended her and the household; but the vengeance over the twice anointed but not yet crowned King David.

The major thing that stood out to me about her besides brains and beauty, was the fact that she protected David when the responsibility wasn’t even hers. These characteristics intrigued me, my love. Her respectful and loving spirit prior to becoming his wife is what made him fall for her in the first place. So all types of bells and whistles went off in my head. I have clearly been going about dating completely wrong. This intelligent and beautiful woman has taught me a heap of things with just a few actions. Her brains outweighed her beauty by a long shot. I have the endeavor to assist you in many of the ways she did with her first husband that she happened to be unequally yoked with and David.

Abigail understood business affairs. With this much needed knowledge but rare for a woman of that time. This equipped and secured her position in David’s life. She understood the order of things. Letting her emotions run wild wasn’t an option. I too, am learning this while building my own empire. These traits are valuable not just naturally but spiritually. Knowing when to act and be still can not just effect you but those closest to you. As your soon to be wife. It’s  my duty to be fully equipped now to secure financial, natural, spiritual, and physical responsibilities. To focus more on the solutions and not the problems. Being resourceful in my waiting season is only perfecting the trait for marriage. I seek to bring good to you. Submissiveness is another form of love, especially when it is reciprocated.

Reading in between the lines. My spirit lead me to feel that they had a very rare connection. Much like the one that I pray we will posses. I desire an intimacy that most couldn’t fathom. One that surpasses just sex. Our every move and thought will be a form of worship until our God. This intimacy I am speaking of only occurs when two become one and are on one accord. A bond when both parties can feel and sense each other. I am aware that this sounds very magical and something mentioned within a romance novel. However, I can assure you that it does exist and I am believing this is a connection we will grasp.

Like David and Abigail there is a kingdom at stake. Your strengths will only magnetize where I may lack and vice versa. Our dream team synergy will be something that only God himself orchestrated. Like Abigail I want my wisdom to speak volumes to you. I surely hope once we meet that you fall for my spiritual attributes before my beauty. That is what really matters within a marriage. These things will stand the test of time. Daily, I am allowing God to perfect the woman within. The woman He knows that will compliment your spirit and your anointing when the time is right.

I have been praying specifically about how you and I will interact not just physically but spiritually. The rituals that I am practicing now will be habits by the time we are good and settled. I’ve always dreamed (literally dreamed) of a guy that will have the traits and heart of David. There is no coincidence that I am now being drawn to Abigail and her contributions to his legacy. I don’t want to be labeled as just a pretty face. When you see me I want you to know the me behind my eyes and the things most people can’t see or fathom to understand. I want to be able to bring the best out of you. Your partner that will be your lifetime solider.

Dear God, 

You make no mistakes. You move at your own pace and yet you are always on time. Your intentional hand is why I say thank you. Thank you for what you’ve done, are doing, and about to do within my life and the one you will call my husband. Like Ezekiel said, “You know Oh, Lord.” Let a fresh wind and your breath blow on the dead things in our lives that you see fit to rise.

Give us the confidence to not just prophesy to those bones but to ourselves as well. Let the spirit of Abigail fall upon me at this very hour. The same spirit that yielded to your word. Place the logic of Abigail within me: the wisdom that surpasses the average, the calmness that stills raging waters, a beauty that is appreciated but doesn’t shadow my spiritual substance, and last but not least the gentle power to assist my husband in his God given dream. 

I lift up my future husband, Lord. At this very moment release his version of the Ark of the Covenant. Whatever it may be that he is waiting on that will restore his faith in you. The confirmation that he is in dire need of. Let it flow! Spark up a dance like David because his time is no longer near but here. No more shall he wonder about the things that he lost. Restoration shall fall upon him like never before. This third wind will be the force from you Abba father. I send my angels to camp out around him. The same angels that will be the push he needs to continue on and let you be God. 

Father, I ask for you to bless our union. Even in the early stages. Allow confirmation from you to ignite immediately upon arrival. Keep us hidden in you, until the appointed time. Allow your will to be done and your purpose be the goal. Shake and awake what needs to be completed during our waiting season. Encourage the desire to chase after you like never before. Pour your consuming fire over us that nothing can extinguish. 







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