Dear Future Husband


There is a huge prophecy hanging over my head concerning you and I. When it was spoken over me. Doubt and disbelief crawled right in to make a permanent space. Despite the fact, at the time I hadn’t made a definite choice to chase God. I knew His word never wavers. Well, for others but maybe not for me. The impact of this prophecy literally kept me up at night along with many dreams to follow (Yes, dear I am dreamer and a visionary). As time passed my illusion or imagination of marriage began to change. What I thought it was and what it actually is; are just now colliding and becoming one.

This man (you) will be prominent and will be the epitome of a corporate business. Matter of fact you don’t work for Corporate America you actually add to it. How sway? I asked this several times when they were speaking to me. This sounds just as impossible as walking on water. But that’s it however this comes about it will be nothing short of a miracle. Despite the fact that you will be devastatingly handsome, your spirit will be so humble. They continued to whisper in my ear, “He just won’t be anybody.” Which raised another eyebrow during this spiritual encounter. He will be prominent yet humble? All while you’re making power moves you lack pride. That right there my love just made you TimesSexist Man Alive‘ in my book.

The most important thing was the fact that your anointing will match mine. Actually, I will compliment you both naturally and spiritually. This brought so much assurance to my slowly healing heart. God has His hands on the one that will hold my heart. This made my spirit leap. The faith and the trust I was once lacking began to recharge like a car battery in the depths of winter. All the wrong turns I made in other relationships and the bad decisions that forced me to my knees. Will all be restored. He finds me worthy, of such a blessing? The thought of this prophecy brings tears to my eyes when I bring it to remembrance.

Indeed, there was a lot more said but that’s a conversation that will occur face to face, my love. Days like today. I had to pull this prophecy to the forefront. I actually had to remind myself that I serve a God that means what He says. Sweetheart, if you are in the midst of a low moment. I just want to encourage you to keep pushing. You are destined for more than just greatness. What is dwelling inside of you and your thought patterns will change the way many do business and view God. The obscurity you are facing is only temporary.

If you will only just trust, He will reward you greatly. Your latter will be greater. There is more to reap than what you think you haven’t sown. Those weary days and nights will pay off. You cannot fathom what God has in stored for you…..for us at this very moment. Your transparency and vulnerability with Him is going to relinquish some things in and over your life. Your business is not your own. This life is not your own. Our marriage is not our own. It’s imperative that you embrace the good and the bad. It is all intentional and it will all make sense in days to come.

At this very moment my spirit is still high off of a devotional I am currently in. I happened to be studying both Hannah and Elizabeth. I am learning there are stages to greatness. Surrendering and pure worship produces greatness. Both of these remarkable women surrendered not only themselves but the promise they so desperately desired. Greatness comes with a price. The process is brutal and it gets darker than the depths of the sea. But God is right there with you. He is testing you and me on the very things we want now and later. I am not just speaking of marriage. I am believing and waiting for things in my own business to take off. All the more, while putting Him first.

I must tell you now. I have already surrendered you, our marriage, our family and business’ to God. There is nothing He can’t have or handle in my life. For the promise to come to pass in both Hannah and Elizabeth’s life; they made a covenant with God that they would render their desire and plea to Him. Samuel and John are probably two of the most powerful and remarkable men in the Bible. Their mother’s sacrifice didn’t go in vain and their lives changed the face of a nation. If He did it before He can do it again.


Heavenly father,

I am standing on a promise. Your word has always been true. Not just to me but to your people. You are not a man that you should lie nor the son of man that he shall repent. You have kept your word over time so this one will be no different. Like Hannah and Elizabeth I relinquish my desires unto you. So they can be used by you according to your will. Abba father my life is not my own nor are my promises. Days like this I not only remind myself of what you said but you as well. For this too is a form of praise.

In order for the promise to come into full fruition. We align ourselves with you. We fall out of agreement with generational curses, ungodly soul ties, and shame from our past mistakes. Create in us a clean heart and renew the right spirit in us. While, apart let your spirit gravitate us to the blessings that you are about to release over our lives. We have stepped on grounds that have been ordained to us. We shake up the fellow ground and plant seeds. Seeds that will restore and replenish what we thought had been lost, stolen, or forgotten.

I come boldly to your throne asking for a miracle. I know you have not forgotten about us. Our prayers are not falling on deaf ears. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. I am  for the impossible to become the intentional in our lives. Let the dreams manifest and come to past. No more will we sit and watch from the sidelines. Our time is now! The enemy can’t hold up our blessings any longer. There is no more room for fear and doubt. We clear up the space for trust and understanding to dwell.  We yield our plans to thee, Oh God. 





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