Hello August


The number 8 is a special number. It is the number of “New Beginnings!”

Hello August! I am expecting great things from you within the next 30 days. The last seven months have been me aligning myself with God and His will for my life. With alignment comes obedience and sacrifice. Those moments (yes, just moments) of obscurity and silence has to cease during this month. Not only are you the month where some fruition in my life will finally come to past but you fall in within a very important year. According to the Hebrew calendar we are in the year of Jubilee. 5777 to be exact. Let’s break this down accurately and quickly for those that may not understand the significance of this year alone.

Just to give a short synopsis of what each number means: 5 (The hand of God), 7 (Completeness and perfection), and the number 3( refers to the Trinity, and means that you are receiving divine protection, help, and guidance) falls into play because there are three (7’s). I’m not a  mathematician but I reckon these are all good…..wait…..godly signs.

I’m expecting signs and wonders. Answers to prayers that seemed dead and delayed. 

I can bet my bottom dollar that this year has brought much resistance in some area of your life. I am sure in the exact area that you have been barren in.God is about to show himself strong in. Your faithfulness has not been in vain. The lack thereof will no longer be an issue. With that being said, God being silent, things moving at a glacial pace, and your dry season has absorbed what little faith you though you had; August is needed right about now.

August 1st the clock struck midnight my eyes literally popped opened. You know that song by award winning artist Fred Hammond, ‘Blessed’? The lyrics were so loud I could have sworn he was in my bedroom singing to me himself. “Late in the midnight hour. God’s going to turn it around. It’s going to work in your favor!” All day long I was humming the song under my breathe. Finally, I allowed my spirit to break out. I came into agreement with what I know is true.

I began to decree and declare things over my life, family, friends, and ministry. These decrees began as a whisper then transformed into a shout. I’m pushing back. Wait! I’m shoving back. I’m not just going to lie here and die (figuratively speaking of coarse). Each time I decreed and declared I felt weights being lifted up off of me. His yoke became easy and the burdens were light.

I have just been a walking corpse for the last few months. Reporting for duty and fighting with just little faith. But back to the decree’s that gave me this fresh wind. This wind of God that I needed beneath my wings to continue soaring. These heavenly affirmations downloaded in my spirit like I was an outdated iPhone in need of the new IOS upgrade. Better yet can I get a refilllll…..to finish this year strong?!

I made a vow that for the duration of this month I would recite these decree’s daily and align my thoughts and actions with them. I’m going to do my part, are you?

I decree and declare: new beginnings, new jobs, new relationships that lead me to covenant, new connections, divine interventions,  a fresh urgency to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Things that were once barren in the past season will now begin to bloom. The dropping of answers and downloading of new and fresh ideas that both me and God’s kingdom benefit from. A rushing wind of restoration and redemption that I can abide in during this transition.

I decree and declare: the spirit of patience to over take and do away anxieties and doubt. The strength to surrender my own ways in exchange for new and godly ways. A renewal of the mind, spirit and body. Things that have been held up being released to me. A reaping of what I have sown in prior seasons. The exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ever imagine gravitating to me.

I decree and declare: that every step I take will be orchestrated and placed in areas where His presence lingers. Wise and purposeful decision making will proceed during this month of new beginnings. The great exchange of fear for boldness and courage. Risk taking where only faith can take me beyond the wate of mediocre.



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