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This past Sunday I preached a message called ‘Realm Seekers: The Secret Place of Prayer’. Dwelling within the secret place is a must for a realm seeker. What is a realm seeker, you say? A realm seeker is a disciple or pupil following Jesus unto the very hour into the next realm. 

He/She has disciplined themselves to seek God at an appointed time. They have not just made it a habit but a lifestyle to go from realm to realm. It takes 30 days to make something a habit. Now, practice that same thing for 40 days and you enter into a new realm. Dwelling in the secret place of prayer at the appointed time you set, with God for 40 days catapults you into your next.

Within that new realm it holds new blessings, higher level of protection (Psalms 91), impeccable strength, wisdom, a new wine, order and glory. Beginning November 1st I have accepted the challenge to enter into a new realm. Will you join me? The times of feeling stagnate are over! I want to beseech you to take advantage of this time. 

So many of us are suffering from spiritual ADHD and it’s wearing us out. It’s impossible for us to stay still. We are in a continuous state of frustration. Moving before the Holy Spirit guides. Ruled by disorderly emotions, all in the name of I, me and myself. 

Let’s put forth the effort to enter into our NEXT! God honors faithfulness with His glory; because He’s a faithful God. The challenge is to get before God and dive into His word for 40 day’s. Allow the Holy Spirit to assist you with a time slot that you know you will stick to. It’s imperative to stay faithful to this time. God will already be there ready to commune with you. 

Before, you become discouraged. The time frame doesn’t have to be for hours. Your appointed time with God can easily be 15mins. Honestly, once you start you will find yourself extending that time. Simply, because His presence is an open door and you will desire to be with Him more. 

Being faithful to that time for 40 days makes room for God to move in a mighty way. This challenge is for those that are hungering and thirsting for more. Those that are desperate for not just a word but a simple touch from the father. 

Do you accept the challenge? November 1st- December 10th I am in great expectation to encounter my God in such a unique way. I know Him as my deliverer, savior and healer. But I yearn for Him to become the lover of my soul. I look forward to the testimonies that will follow this challenge. Your obedience and faithfulness will be rewarded. Just watch ?

Love Always, 

LaToya Dèshawn ?



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