No Endeavor


For the woman with endeavors far beyond the norm. For the woman that relentlessly pursues God’s will over her life. For the woman determined to wait for the promise instead of settling for the right now. For the woman that smiles because she has no fear of the future.

I have no endeavor being known as the woman that let him walk over me until there is nothing left of me. I have no endeavor being a fool for him with hopes he may choose me due to the pure fact that I “believed” in him. I have no endeavor tarnishing my worth to silence the cries of loneliness. I have no endeavor to put his potential before my value. I have no endeavor carrying the weight of his lies while I pretend on social media we’re the epitome of #realtionshipgoals. I have no endeavor awakening love once again for just a tremble of affection and attention.

I have no endeavor to interfere with a battle that was specifically designed to shape his character not mine. I have no endeavor to be engulfed in the whirlwind of his despair. I have no endeavor to break my covenant for his temporary shelter. I have no endeavor to produce seeds that aren’t from the loins of the promise. I have no endeavor to build on foundations of lies and schemes. I have no endeavor to invest time into a temporary thing. I have no endeavor to offset my destiny for minutes of pleasure that will quickly turn into countless days of pain. I have no endeavor to forfeit my value to become just another notch in his belt.

I have no endeavor to become unfocused or distracted from my purposeful path due to his confusion. I have no endeavor to be mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually drained from his lies. I have no endeavor to not embrace wisdom to gain his betrayal.

 I have no endeavor connecting myself to peers that aren’t going in the same direction. I have no endeavor of following a crowd when I was created to stand out. I have no endeavor to compare myself to anyone when I know what is for me will not pass me by. I have no endeavor to conform to the very ones battling insecurities and rejection. I have no endeavor competing with anyone with the mere fact of knowing I am highly favored and blessed.

I have no endeavor to be a part of drama or battles that aren’t my burdens. I have no endeavor to sit around and gossip when there is kingdom duties to be fulfilled. I have no endeavor watching my fellow sister or brother fall while I rise to the top. I have no endeavor keeping wisdom and knowledge secret from those in need. I have no endeavor hiding my gifts in order to make one comfortable. I have no endeavor for doing it for the fame BUT everything for his glory.

I enjoy my freedom. I enjoy the liberating feeling of the task of searching for the right mate is completely in His hands. I enjoy my dry pillow that lacks the tears of pain, rejection, insufficiency, and most of all failed promises. My wait may seem meaningless to you but it’s the best freedom for me. I have the strength to not bow down to instant gratification. I have the discernment to recognize a counterfeit. I don’t live for many to tap the like button and I definitely don’t need the approval from those that lack love for themselves. I am only here with the endeavor to fulfill His works that are intertwined within every strand of my soul. 



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