Leave Room For Rewrites


In this season I am hearing God say, “Leave Room For Rewrites!” Do you mind traveling back in time to your daily English class; when term papers and essays were do weekly? How about setting your paper line space to double, so your teacher could place “corrections”? Does red ink mean anything to you? That haunting feeling of witnessing red ink all over my hard work caused an inward collapse. 

I vividly remember seeing more red than black at times. Pending the page count the red bled from page to page. All you could do was start over. Better yet submit a rewrite with advised corrections in tact. What might have looked like a disaster was just an outline to something greater. 

Abba Father is requesting we leave double the space for a rewrite. A double portion to be SPECIFIC! Reset your default settings and prepare for favor and instructions. The Author and Finisher of our Faith is at work! He’s orchestrating some rewrites to situations you wanted whited out. Where you placed periods, God is scratching it out and adding commas. The sentence AIN’T DONE! 

Listen this last quarter we are about to witness God in a mighty way. People are going to see why we call Him a Promise Keeper!  I hear profoundly that these last three months lovers of God are receiving rewrites. He’s getting ready to underline and circle the things you deemed to be unworthy of His love and blessings. Read this twice: IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!! That shame you keep holding onto He put a line through it. The doubt and unbelief that hovers over you like a cloud, He’s getting ready to slash it. 

Those are just the corrections. The things He wants omitted so He can begin to rewrite for your 20/20. In-between the spaces of what felt like despair. Feeling forgotten and unheard. Moving with no validation or confirmation, while secretly believing the dreams and visions God gave you. God wants you to know He’s adding and expanding your territory. He is rewriting with His glory and dunamis power. This time, this final stretch……..YOU’RE. GOING. TO. WIN! 

No more you’re next or almost. I know this year appeared like the corrections bled from month to month. But our God is about to write in the double space. I hear this for someone; even the margins will be filled with nothing but the splendor of His glory. He is about to highlight the things you did get right. Get ready for the reward! Those actions held no weight but your heart did! We serve a sovereign that judges the heart. This is the season the pure breads and pure in heart are going to rise. 

When He gets finished with these rewrites; how the year started will surely not be the way its going to end. Make room for exceedingly and abundantly more than you could have ever imagined. Prayers and requests that you wrote in lowercase, God is upgrading it to uppercase and bold lettering. Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard about the things your God is getting read to do for you! Mark my words when they conclude this last chapter your spectators are going to be slayed. 

I want to encourage you to leave some space for rewrites. You can let go of what happened and what you think should have happened. It’s all getting rewritten. I look forward to your testimonies and like always I am praying for you. 

Love Always, 

LaToya Déshawn 



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