Dear Sis,

Sooo……lets smirk and say, “2018 tried to kill us all.” No one was above the potential damage it could have caused. The turbulence was real but so were the blue skies. There were many nights filled with tears but more days with genuine smiles. I remember making a vow to God, many moons ago to follow him regardless of the expense. Those words actually cost me. From living on a prayer, floating on a prophecy, and juggling mantles; I’ve seen my world go upside down more than I can count.

Believing the lies of the enemy is the easiest thing a person can do. Literally, walking through a shadow of emotional death. 2018 made even the ones full of faith, question what God was up to. The nights seemed longer and the days shorter. During, one of those long nights, I remember thinking to myself loudly. I know God is going to do great things through me but he will not do it for me. Meaning my desires are not my own. I am only going to be used by the most high but I will never see what exceedingly and abundantly looks like.

Geeesshhhh…….the enemy is good huh, sis? We don’t call him the, “Father of Lies for nothing!” He’s exceptional at his part but 2018 taught us how to enhance at ours. There are levels to trusting God. I foolishly thought it was just a once you trust him, you always trust him type of thing. Ha! Nah! That’s not accurate love. Every level renders a new form of trusting God. May I be frank with you? It will hurt each time, sis. It’s going to cost you something.

Sis, you know who became familiar with this technique often? Our boy David, he was forever in a jam or should we say in transition from level to level. Whenever you have time just read all 150 chapters of Psalm lol. It explains it all I promise you. There are many moments after releasing all his woes to God; David had a moment of Selah.

According, to theologians and the Webster dictionary. Selah is likely to mean, “to praise”or “pause and reflect upon what has just been said.”  Many times in prayer we pour our hearts out to God. So many questions and desires follow. Do you actually stop and Selah? Is God allowed to speak after everything you just said? Prayer is a two-way conversation. Yes, God is delighted that you made time for him. However, as much as he loves hearing our problems and watching us literally cast our cares; God wants to answer us within the same conversation. We just don’t Selah enough, sis.

The Selah moment isn’t just an after prayer thing you know. It is also something you do after a great victory. How many Selah moments have we had this year? Stop counting the long nights and make yourself recall those instants when you knew it was God. I want to prophecy that before the clock strike 12 hauling us into 2019. One magnificent Selah moment will take place. A time where you will just give God praise and reflect on what could have happened but he didn’t allow it. That relationship that failed, God protected you. The job you lost, God is about to open another door. Dreams unfulfilled, He’s our promise keeper.  Those friends that watched you struggle in the oceans of depression; God is bringing forth covenant friendships. Sis, just Selah because you made it, when you thought you were going to lose your mind.

Our recovery was ugly as ashes but the beauty that will follow in 2019 will make it all worth it! Get your vision boards out sis. Write what God told you during the Selah moments out. Make it a plan to fulfill his purpose over your life. In bold letters write, “I will not leave this earth until everything God placed in me has been fulfilled!” These bones will be dry when it is all said and done.

All 2019 let’s have the mentality that what doesn’t pleases God doesn’t please us. There are a few weeks left. Reflect, refocus and revive what God said over your life. Like Nathanael, ask yourself, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”(John 1:46). Sis, your Nazareth is that continuous feeling of heartbreak, disbelief, and doubt. Yes! Something good is coming forth out of Nazareth and it is called Purpose, love.

We’ve wallowed for too long. It’s time to rise. Heaven will respond on your behalf when you rise, sis. What you thought was going to kill you made you Selah. I encourage you sis to seriously take these last few weeks to put a vision to the plan. I am praying for your strength and may your holidays be full of many genuine smiles and Selah’s. You deserve it.


Love Always,

LaToya Déshawn?



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