Will You Wait for God or Man? #ForeverDuncan


Social media has been buzzing about the new modern day love story #ForeverDuncan. I must admit I was reluctant about the entire thing. Sort of not in the “mood” to participate in the hype. I didn’t join the crowd until a few days later. After, watching the video and reading the comments. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. An abundant amount of tears poured down my cheeks. It was the hope that I was praying for a few days ago. I needed to see something happen. Something out of the ordinary that only God himself could have orchestrated. Regardless, if it was something He did in my life or another, I needed to see His hand move. Their entire day, No, story is remarkable. The most unforgettable thing was her praise. Her praise was so genuine, raw and full of gratitude. How could anyone not feel some type of way, right?

Like anything that appears on social media there is always another side or should we say a hater nearby. Stories leaked that they had been dating for nine years. This information started to tarnish the entire message. From both genders it was obvious that waiting that long isn’t an option. Or, if I have to wait that long he or she will have to do this or that. Immediately their epic social media love story started to nose dive. Honestly, I began to question it as well. I started to ask myself. Will you wait for a man for nine years? Will you date someone that long, in hopes of him marrying you? Will you wait for a boy to become a man? Will you wait for his “personal” growth to be fulfilled before you two can join in matrimony?  I literally bombed rushed myself with all these scenarios. I’M NOT EVEN DATING LOL! 

After, returning back from la la-land. I did my own personal research. I wanted to know the facts before I made a statement (like I’m someone important right?) on this modern day love saga. Come to find out, they have created a blog (www.foreverduncan.com) that takes their readers step by step on their remarkable journey of test and faith. Once, I stumbled across this hardcore evidence. I could finally input my own two or maybe three cents into this tale. Let’s be honest us single ladies fell in love with the man taking charge and creating a frenzy just for her.

They have known each other for nine years. Which clears up the lies of them dating for nine years. Knowing someone and dating them are two completely different relationships, but as I digress the haters were fueling the story up with lies. Any who, as I read on they decided to date in 2013 and the ride was sort of bumpy for them. With a little help from God and some discipline from both parties, we are now rejoicing along side of them with a love story that broke the internet on October 1, 2016.

Now, I ‘m forced to ask myself and others. Are you waiting on God’s timing or Man’s timing? God’s timing could possibly take nine years but boy will it be worth it….ie….#ForeverDuncan. Man’s timing may be shorter but it will cost you more in the long run…….ie…..their uncessary bumps in the road. I love how they decided, yes, they decided to practice celibacy in December of 2015. They took the blind step to trust God and the outcome surely worked out in their favor. Once, again another token of hope that I needed. Being celibate for over several years now. I’ve had my haters, doubts and moments of instant gratification. The very story that I was reluctant to read and watch, was the very story of hope I needed. The same hope prayed for 48 hours prior. The same hope that has created a new found faith to continue on my single purposeful journey until God see it fit to join me to a “we.”

The bible says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Their story, His glory brought us all to tears. They dropped seeds of hope. Sprinkled it with faith. Allowed God to have His way.  Thank you #ForeverDuncan for allowing us to have a glimpse into His promise over your lives. May God continue to bless your union.

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