Aligned Steps


Joshua 1:3 I will give you every place where you set your feet. 


This scripture has been dwelling in my spirit throughout this harvest season. Entering into the Passover holiday the urge to dig deeper manifested. So much comfort, reassurance and promise lies within this one scripture. The sense of provision, alignment, and promotion calms me. I’ve captured and written this on the walls of heart. Each time I rehearse this in my head I’m brought to tears. God was so faithful then and He still is now.

His divine provision assures me, that He has already gone before me. All I have to do is follow.  No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I’ve attained much needed strength to battle what boarders my victory. My obedience to Him renders the blessings of Abraham unto me. Fear not, echoes through my ear drums. I know He is with me. I’ve watched Him do it over and over again. Saving me from the trap of the enemy, even myself. This time will be no different.

He gave Joshua specific instructions. I expect the same as His faithful servant. God was so precise that He even shared who and where their territory will lie. I too can tap into that type of provision. This is the season where the unexpected will occur. We are under an open heaven. I have strategically orchestrated my prayer requests for those connected to me and myself.  My decrees have been remembered in season such as this.

Aligning myself with Him has been my hearts desire. God is my source and everything else is my resource, has not just been a saying for me. But a lifestyle. Requiring and living for His validation has positioned me for greatness. I have the strength to go where He leads boldly and courageously. I know who sent me. Alignment brings stability. Not just within myself and my decisions; but His will for and over my life. Alignment breaks off generational curses, restores faith to its full capacity, blesses and encourages God to move on my behalf. Alignment is the bridge between not seeing His hand but knowing His heart. Joshua aligned himself with Moses, who was aligned with God. Blessing flow from the head on down.

Promotion comes from God not man. Joshua received his promotion purely off of his obedience and diligence to God and His word. Even when things got dark. Joshua was reassured that the blessings and promises that God rendered to Moses was available to him. His word always guarantees that, He is always with us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Like Joshua I know what season it is. I am aware of what God promised to those before me and to me. My legacy is depending on me to walk this path to be soon promoted. I am standing strong on the things He’s showed and spoke to me. Although, there was trouble rumored to be in the land. Joshua knew he was entering into a promotion filled season. God wants to do the same. Like He did with Joshua and the Israelite’s.

It’s time for the Joshua’s to stand up and take what the enemy has meant for bad. To receive the blessings that the canker worm and the locust have eaten. This season of promotion will be a river flowing with milk and honey. Restoration will fill the land, mind, spirit, and soul  of God’s people. I have not been forgotten. What concerns me, concerns Him.


Dear God, 

Thank you for your everlasting word. You have given us every place our feet has gone. Even the places that were out of your will. You intentionally used them to place our feet on solid ground. I thank you for your provision, alignment and promotions. Your grace is sufficient and yet you perform the exceedingly and abundantly. You have made us fruitful in the land of our suffering. Your provision has protected your children from danger seen and unseen. The benefits from aligning with you and your people, have furnished our path with wisdom and prosperity.

Even when we don’t deserve it you have promoted your people from one level to the next. Father, I ask for your agape love to over flow on the eyes that are currently reading this. Order their steps, thoughts, and actions. This is the season of jubilee. We are in the midnight hour where things are capable of being turned around in our favor. I lift up those with hung down heads. In need of just one touch from you. Just one touch from the master. That one touch that can change the trajectory of their lives.  Let the favor and blessings of Joshua fall upon us. Grant us the strength, discernment, and courage to face the giants ahead. For we know behind these tests are our very own promise land. 





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