Beauty Within the Defense


About a year ago the test to allow God to be my defense began. I found myself in the center of mess that I could honestly say I had no part in. Individuals that I already removed from my personal circle created conflict in my life and those around me. For years I had purposely avoided environments where the trap of drama could form. Eventually, it caught up to me. All that studying and worshiping brought me to a moment where I would either defend myself or stand still and allow God to vindicate me.

Playing offense while God is the defensive is easier said than done. I could tell myself over and over what I am going to do when the situation is no where in sight. Then comes the situation. All the training is over and your real character is on the line. The new and reformed you versus the lost and ratchet you. With all of His majesty and power I still felt alone when the drama manifested. Like a screaming banshee their words pierced me like daggers. I took every hit like a champ. Like a Floyd Mayweather fight they had the crowd and the fixings to slaughter me.

Engulfed in something I so passionately wanted to avoid. I remembered that vengeance is the Lord’s. The “godly” decision was staring dead at me. Either I would fight back or remain humble in the eyes of my king. Humility isn’t just a spiritual low that we can feel but pending your enemy it can be a natural one as well. To remain silent and appear weak was beyond a test but the mother of all tests. I didn’t take just take a slice of humble pie I ate it all. With every harsh word thrown at me I prepped my face like a flint. Regardless, of what I was feeling inside my opposition would never believe I am weak.

After, my brutal verbal whipping. Once I got alone I could only ask God, why? All the humiliation and shame that followed that incident lasted for months. Who would defend me? Where was God in all of this? I did exactly what His word said. My intentions were genuine and pure; but the wolves still attacked. It took some time but I eventually got over the incident. I prayed about it daily so I could properly forgive and not allow bitterness to take over my soul. Where God is leading me I can’t afford for the cost of distractions such as; forgiveness and bitterness to block the road and purpose ahead. Time is of the essence and kingdom business is at stake.

Still, when and how was I going to be vindicated for such acts. This vindication occurred when I least expected. After, I had thrown my hands up and said, “The battle is not mine it’s the Lord’s.” God performs His powerful defense when you surrender it completely to Him. When every motive and thought to vindicate yourself has been flushed from your soul. You have now made room for Him to move.

Psalm 69:22 Let their own table before them become a snare; and when they are at peace, let it become a trap.

The last laugh doesn’t belong to you or your enemy. Just like the battle it belongs to the Lord’s. When the time comes for you to be defended. It occurs when neither party expects it. It comes from the hands of the ones that you wouldn’t have even expected. Like David said, “And when they are at peace allow it to become a trap.” The Lord will use the very ones that were the spectators for His good deeds. The same audience that watched will be apart of their trap. Take heed to when God says, “Vengeance is mine.” There is no better way than His way to vindicate you. What, you thought you could do, He will exceptionally do well.

1 Chronicles 16:22 Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

When there is a calling over your life. People can’t handle you just any kind of way. There’s a hedge of protection around the one’s that God calls His anointed. God will move on the behalf of his anointed swiftly and harshly (if need be). Don’t hesitate to forget the story of Prophet Elisha and the children that teased him. There is power within and around the anointed ones. When you are being obedient to God’s word and principles. There is nothing He won’t do for you. There is no one that can come against you. He will give you every place you set your feet. Your obedience has released blessings and protection. There is a beauty within the defense.





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