Contingent Blessings


Recently, I have discovered that prophecies and dreams are conditional. Pending your actions they may or may not occur. Well, that was an eye opener to me alone. Especially, since I am living and breathing in the midst of the most entitled generation known to man. We all know the most Christian popular saying, “What God has for me won’t pass me by.” In my best Maury voice, “That is a lie.”
Blessings, prophecies and dreams are contingent to either your obedience or someone else’s. Which is why it is impetrative to choose wisely who you connect yourself with. People come into your life with either blessings or curses. This new found information took me through an anxiety rollercoaster. I needed some one, anybody to explain how my promises could possibly be offset due to someone else.
I don’t typically mind the storms that are heaven sent to strengthen my faith. Even the self inflicted storms I can withstand at times. BUT! The storms created by someone else’s disobedience are the most detrimental to your destiny. Pending your foundation doubt can overpower what little faith you already have.
As I began to study, I discovered quite a few people within the Bible whose blessings or promises were rerouted due to someone else being defiant to God’s plan. Just to name a few: Terah (Abraham’s father) who gathered his family in hopes to start fresh in Canaan (the promise land), stopped his journey because he got tired and later died there. They were stuck or stranded for over 200 years.
Shall we bring up how Jacob was tricked by Laban? He had to work double to gain the hand of the woman he truly loved. Meanwhile, all three individuals suffered from one person’s choice. Last but not least my boy David. His negligence as a father altered the lives of many of his children. One of them that goes by the name of Absalom tried to take over his kingdom.
But….rest assure friends. Even during the midst of our disobedience and others. We can stand firmly on Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for  you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Nothing that you or others have done will surprise God. Those very mishaps He will turn it for your good.
As comforting as that is. In the back of my mind I still wrestle with, what could have been if this person and myself was aligned properly? Which acts of defiance caused me to miss blessing A that was stored up in God hands? Who jumped over board that slowed the process up? We are creatures that were created to connect with others. Makes sense that things can fall together or apart pending the individuals we connect with.
The control freak that I am. These blessings and promises that are contingent to someone else’s actions are disturbing. With tears welling up in my eyes now. To have seen and been told one thing, for the very thing I feared to occur has disappointment me. But what I thought was good…..God has greater.
Like a vault I guard my heart and use much discernment on choosing those around me. My goal is to avoid unwarranted disappointment as much as possible. To be spirit lead and to acknowledge God in all my ways. Practicing these tools will allow me to align myself with God’s greater purpose for my life and those closest to me.
 Your purpose isn’t about you. Someone is depending on you to stay the course. Your gifts and talents are the answer to someone’s prayer. Once, again what you carry is the contingent blessing for another.



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