Covenant and Beyond


The spiritual attacks (Under Spiritual Construction)  that occurred before my much anticipated trip to Dallas were severe. Just to attend the infamous T.D.Jakes MegaFest Conference. In hindsight it made much sense on why the battle was so intense. The whole experience has changed the trajectory of my life. If I was the enemy I would have besieged me as well.

Clarity, impartation, restoration, revelation, instruction, closure, and a prophecy being fulfilled all took part within three days. As the days got closer and my attacks got greater. My spirit churned because I knew something life changing was going to occur. Answers to many questions were going to come forth. Connections and divine interventions were at stake.

I must admit I wanted to throw in the towel at least several times before June 28, 2017. I was willing to cancel it all; because I couldn’t bare the attacks. From every angle I was a sitting duck. Convinced there was a huge red target on my back I pressed on despite what my emotions told me.

I had never been so uncomfortable mentally, physically, and spiritually in my life. A shift was surely going to take place. From what my natural eyes could witness I was shifting in reverse. My faith was low and spirit on the edge of disaster. I was ready to forfeit all the territory I had already gained. Just for the storm to cease.

My first day at MegaFest fed my spirit like God dropping fresh mana for His people. It didn’t come in the form that I expected but it definitely was miraculous.  In the midst of thousands everything was silenced except for what God had positioned for me to hear.

There were many moments tears fell like living waters as much needed healing took place. I could feel my spirit man becoming stronger with each session and message I attended. Like Super Mario Brother’s  my spirit was eating the magical mushrooms to prepare for the next season.

Each time I heard the words, “Woman Thou Art Loose”! My spirit heard differently, “LaToya Thou Art Loose”! I made this trip personal. Especially, requiring all hands on deck just a week prior. Thank God for a praying mother and friends. My depression became so severe I was literally talked off of the ledge more than once.

I learned God’s silence is not a form of discipline or even His disappointment but Him developing you (Pastor John Gray). Every dreamer goes through a season of difficult times. It’s essential to their calling,anointing, and process.

Like an arrow I was pulled back to only pierce through and pass by what I presumed left me. I left a lot of things and situations in Dallas at the altar in exchange for peace and understanding. Much expectation proceeded with gratitude fills my inner being.

I have not been forsaken or forgotten. The word says, In Due Time! 

My exceedingly and abundantly is closer than I could ever imagine. My press has been transformed into a shove. I have been positioned to step into greatness and walk the purposeful path of destiny.

Buckle your seat belts ladies and gentlemen we’re all about to be amazed!








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