Dear Future Husband,


Growing up I was fortunate enough to have parents that stayed concerned about a good name. By the time I had turned 18 years-old I was an authorize user on both of my parents credit cards. Although, I had access I never had the card in hand (smart parents). Without me even knowing it they were building good character and credit for their offspring. “Good credit will take you far” my mother would utter to me in my early 20’s. There was nothing this good name couldn’t get. At the tender age of 22 my credit score was uncanny to many.

I paid my bills a week before the due date and sometimes doubled the payments. I was the ideal candidate to give a card to. Eventually, I began to make poor financial decisions that I would regret tremendously. By the time I had hit 26 that great name my parents founded was demolished. I found myself on the lonely road to bankruptcy court. I am proud to say with much discipline and redemption, God has restored my good name back unto me.

If you are just tuning in and aren’t a subscriber to this blog. We are in the midst of the Proverbs Challenge: rising in wisdom and in truth during the month of July. On the 22nd we read chapter 22 (the culprit for this whole letter) which reads,“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold.” – Proverbs 22:1

This just does’t speak of my integrity and character among others but my name in general. As I’ve matured the understanding of this verse yielded value to me. I want to be able to bring an impeccable name to the table when we begin our journey. It’s a necessity for me to learn to hold my weight with my maiden name as well as my married. I am in training to assist with a solid name for our legacy. There is no way in hell I will be the weak link when God finally says, “It is time” (you know I used my best Mufasa vc right).

I’ve come a long way from the days when eating or buying an expensive purse were in the balance. I would have to say, “it all had to happen.” My preference is to not only speak impeccably but stand on an impeccable name as well. Not only do I deserve this, our family as well. As embarrassing as it was to file bankruptcy so young. It was needed for a time such as this.

I have been talking to God about you and your own affairs. I know as a man your pride plays a big part in being the provider. Your hands and mind has been at the pentacle of my prayers lately. My focus on your hands and intelligence is strategic. I have been learning how to pray strategically, intentionally, and accurately for what I desire God to do in my life and those closest to me. Your harvest as a  single man and our harvest as one depends on the training of both your hands and mind. I read in a book that destiny moves at the speed of decision. Every decision that you are making is either moving you closer to the purpose God has for you and eventually us or it isn’t.

Discipline and obedience are essential upon our encounter. They are needed to navigate through the obstacles ahead. I have to admit it hasn’t been easy without you but it has been worth the wait. I can only imagine how soothing it is to have someone rooting for you to win constantly; or that voice of reason when you ignore your gut. But back to the training of your hands and mind. These weapons will make you a worshiper and a warrior. Pave the way for wisdom and understanding to join you on the road to destiny.

Together we are learning separately how to manage affairs that usually make or break married couples within the first seven years. I prefer more kingdom work, love sharing, memory making, and legacy sculpting than arguing.


Train our hands to work and align with your will so we know when to sow. Equip our minds to be able to receive witty inventions and world changing information to distribute and contribute to your kingdom. Align our affairs to be prosperous and reflect your definition of wealth and success. If it is for us father let it gravitate to us and the appropriate time. During this single season or gleaning season I should say. Expose and reveal what needs to be tossed away that will hinder our walk with you and cause a delay to our encounter. Purify us Lord like David. Create in us a clean heart and renew the right spirit in us.

As your servant father God speak to both of us in a language that we will understand. Lead us and guide us daily. Put in our paths the divine connections that we will need to do your work now and later. Place godly people in our environments. The individuals that will hold us accountable until we can do it for each other. Even if our current is bleak let us stand on the promises, the prophecies, the dreams and the word (Jeremiah 29:11). Reveal to us what’s not of you. Expose to us what didn’t manifest from you. Strengthen us to cut off what isn’t sent from you. Install and let grow the desire to reject instant gratification.

Restore and increase the hunger to seek and please you. Let the only validation we seek come from you. During this single season allow us to see your hand tremendously. So magnificently that our faith is made sure for the obstacles ahead once we are married. Release a warrior’s mindset and endurance in us both. If there’s resistance then fuel us with your dunmanis power to throw down the principalities that is rising against us. Fresh oil, fresh oil, fresh oil let if all upon us and fill us up to capacity. We want to shed old wine shells so we can be filled with fresh wine, Oh Lord. We were made for a time such as this.

Together but still separate we thank you for your faithfulness. Even when we have failed you over and over again you have remained the same yesterday, today and forever. Alpha & Omega, the way maker, promise keeper, life changer, amazing, incredible, magnificent one. My God! No! Our God! No one can compare. You love us knowing the depths of our hearts and your love has never changed. As you fill us up allow these vessels to be the very essence of your presence where ever we place our feet. Every encounter we have let the last thought be, “There’s something different about them. Something amazing about them.” All because we are pure reflection of you.

In your might name we pray.




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