Dear Future Husband,


I am finally being made whole from all the past hurt. Currently, allowing God to uncover any and everything that seems to be a barrier for me to love fluently and correctly. It’s hard accepting what’s in the mirror, once God reveals “you” to yourself. With His strength this once bitter girl is taking the necessary steps to become the Proverbs wife and mother, you and our children deserve.

Meanwhile, my prayer is that God’s righteous hand is over your life. Hoping that you’ve already surrendered and is currently following His Will for your life. This is so essential for us in the near future. Being dependent on God our source, as the leader of our tribe. Your antennas need to be up and aware when our Lord speaks. Just like you are more than likely facing obstacles at this very moment that brings you to your knees. Well, we will have those moments as well. However, your future wife will be right by your side. As we go into the prayer closet feeling one way we will exit out victorious.

Trusting that you are indeed building your relationship with God, along with leaders/mentors. Your heart is a discussion piece between God and me. Your heart has been through the ringer and you too may be going through a healing process. Ask God daily for your heart to model His. You will then begin to learn to love me accordingly.

Also, forgivness is key for us both right now. Learning to forgive now will help during our “not so loveable moments.” With this being said, you will become a caring, loving and dependable husband. Which, will trickle down to our awesome children. That same heart that was once bruised is capable of so much more my love. Allow, God’s healing oil to drench it so it can become brand new. God can’t pour new wine in an old wine skin. Speak to God daily about what worries you sweetie. Let His secrets and treasures overflow into every spect of your life.

Right now I am pursing everything His Will consist of me doing as a single woman. There’s so much passion between my gifts and me rendering them back to Him. He constantly pulls on me and without any interference I report for duty. No fear my love, He has my undivided attention. At the appointed time so will you. I can tell God is pruning me for this very position. He is picking out the weeds in my life and allowing the good seeds to grow. His tasks for me, makes me glow from the inside out.

I am beyond humbled and honored that He has chosen me to walk this path that will soon lead to you. God has shown me so much mercy and grace. It has taken me some time to forgive myself for my past mistakes. Still He chose me to be your wife and the mother of your children. He’s so awesome!

Speaking of passionate. Can’t wait to discover what you are most passionate about so I can support it whole heartily.  Honestly, I have already jumped the gun and began praying on it. I’m praying that it is in the midst of a harvest season and you are reaping the rewards of what you’ve sown into it now. That this witty invention, dream, or vision; will not only bring you the exceedingly and abundantly but most of all Glory to His name. Purpose and passion goes hand in hand. There’s a sense of peace hovering over me right now.  He is using something we both did today to bring us closer to each other. I don’t even know you and yet I am already completely smitten. I know He has chosen well for me.

In fact, I lift you up right now in prayer that you are completely aligned with Him. That every step you are about to take is orchestrated by Him. Every generational curse shall stop with you. I severe any soul tie that is lingering and prohibiting you from moving closer to God’s promises for your life (our little family). I pray a heart of purity begins to churn from within. Let that same churn tear away any lustful desires or residue that lies. Those same desires that are the foundations for poverty and slothfulness. I uproot the attack of the enemy that is sabotaging the plans that are over your life now and later. You will excel, you are more than a conqueror, and you are the man that I am waiting for.



Your Queen




Relentlessly Pursue
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