Dear God,


I am coming to you with a heart full of thanksgiving. Gratefulness and appreciation fills my heart when I think about the very existence of this person. I’m requesting greatness overwhelms this person like a firing squad. I’m asking for this person to be the strength when I am weak and the acceptor (is that a word? Well it is today) of my flaws. The one that’s walking in his purpose and anxiously waiting to bump into me or get a revelation that its ME! The gentleman that is willing to lead me while he follows you. This person that will soon become my husband. The father of my unborn children. The kick to my side. The milk to my cereal. The sweet dedication to my book of life. The sour to my sour patch kids because lets get real. Life and marriage isn’t always sweet lol.  The one who is praying and interceding for a woman such as myself. The man I haven’t met yet but who is secretly becoming exactly what you need him to be for me. The Ephesians 5 man searching for his Proverbs 31 woman.

Yes, that man I have seen vaguely in my dreams. Prophecy after prophecy confirms you are shaping him daily, to deal with the best and mess that I can actually be. The one that will already have the patience to deal with my fertility issues. He will understand that me being moody is just a major red flag that I am just afraid. The guy that will be conscious of my calling and anointing. The man with an uncanny relationship with you. The one that all my girlfriends tell me don’t exist, he’s only in your dreams Toya…….maybe residing in Narnia fighting along side Aslan.

God, please grant me the grace and the wisdom on how to endure his evolving gifts and anointing. Help me to become more understanding and humble. Allow me to discern when to build him up and to just be silent. Thank you for being my everything and filling the voids in my life. For this, I can say he will be apart of my world and not my entire world. Thank you for the spiritual maturity to now accept I am not perfect and forever in your wheel learning to follow your will.

Father, I am coming boldly to the throne of grace that he shall be everything you made him to be and more. I am praying for a man I haven’t met yet, for healing and strength. I know things are hard and sometimes the silent battles, the inner cries and the weight of the world are easier won when you have a counterpart. Quiet his spirit as he endures the lessons bring him closer to his blessing (LaToya DeShawn lol).  I am praying for him to develop skills spiritually and naturally that will lead him to prosperity. Anoint his hands for whatever he touches bring glory to your kingdom. Anoint his feet, for where ever he may walk or stand the land has already been given to him. Heal his heart from past disappointments and heartbreaks. Uproot any bitterness and resentment that is obvious or lingering.

I break every generational curse that he is currently struggling with. I come against battlefields of the mind and mental wars. You declared in your word that he shall have peace, love, and a sound mind. I loose peace in his atmosphere. Let there be an overflow and a season of sudden blessings begin to manifest in his life. I decree and declare that he is or will begin to cultivate the heart of David, the favor of Joseph, the faith of Abraham and the mind of Christ.





Relentlessly Pursue
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