Embracing 2017


The lessons I learned in 2016 changed the trajectory of my life for the better. I began 2016 creating attainable goals. Goals that I thought were a little far fetch and out of my league. I guess they were aligned with what God had in store for me. Six out of the seven goals I created were accomplished. I have literally seen God’s hand in every aspect of my life. I reckon that the closer I became to Him the more I saw Him in everything. This was my most vulnerable year yet. My vulnerability became my greatest ally and strength. I discovered things about myself that I didn’t even know existed.I experienced dreams and gifts awaken inside the depths of my soul. I am finally seeing some of the fruits of my labor.

I’ve managed to narrow down the top 10 things I learned in 2016. I pray this gives some direction for someone rejecting change, trying to lessen the pain of the process, and doubting who they truly are. 

1. Your personal relationship with God effects you and everyone around you for the better. Strengthen it while you can….He’s waiting.

  • Your spiritual growth dictates what occurs naturally. The more I sought His face and not His hand; I was lifted from a low place. I gave Him the nothing in my hands and He produced something great. Choosing to strengthen your relationship with God enables you to see Him in everything around you and inside of you. Things that seemed dead or gone will be restored because you decided to surrender. This was such a surrendering year for me. I gave Him everything I had. I took God serious because I wanted Him to take me serious. I invested in Him so He could invest in me. You are always on His mind. Make Him your priority and watch Him move on your behalf. Embrace Him in 2017 to witness His salvation physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Take the time to spend with Him. If its only 15 minutes. He will appreciate it and you will benefit from it.

2. Create realistic goals and demolish them.

  • I had just exited a dry season in my life. I knew I needed to do something different this time around. I needed to stay on the course no matter the obstacles. I created seven goals. I ran to Target and purchased a dry eraser board. I wrote those goals on it. I mediated on them daily. They were the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning and the last thing I saw before I fell asleep. I prayed over them daily. I asked God to guide me. Before September of 2016 I had check marks beside all of them but one. I encourage you in 2017 to embrace your inner goals, dreams, and gifts. Submit them to God. After, receiving a divine confirmation write them down and read them daily. These are your promises. Stand on them. Embrace 2017 with knowing……God is with you.  

3. God is my source, everything else is a resource.

  • When there is no one else to depend on. You soon discover that God is your source and everything else is a resource. I am known as the girl whose parents supplies all my needs. Funny how that worked out all in a year. God fixed it where their hands were tied into something else. The spoiled brat had to figure things out on her own. I soon realized that there is no better connect than God. I allowed Him to order each and every step of 2016. I’m exactly where He wants me to be. Enabling Him to be my source I was able to tap into my resources with no problem. Embrace 2017 with Him as your source and try to count the bountiful resources you will have. 

4. Life truly is short don’t allow a fallen friend to pass to figure it out. Miss you #PhilandSko

  • If there is someone that previously left due to something beyond petty. Call them, text them, email them, or even just drop by. Tomorrow is never promised. Actually the next second isn’t promised. The horrific death of my two friends shook me to the core. Not only did I reach out to a few more people. I went ahead and forgave some that did the unthinkable to me. I have never lost a close friend. Especially, a GREAT friend in this manner. I am realizing it’s a daily process and I deal with it appropriately. Just in two months (after their deaths) I’ve become way more bolder and planning to take more risk. Embrace 2017 with knowing that your purpose is EVERYTHING. If you haven’t found it…..start seeking. If you  have found it…..start building. Pretty simple.  

5. Some bridges are suppose to remain in ash. Everyone can’t and won’t join you and that is okay.

  • Everyone with wings will not have notion to fly. You cannot wait for others to recognize their gifts. While waiting for others you will miss your beat. Always keep in mind that some bridges will be burned and turned into ash. Unlike a  phoenix they shouldn’t be resurrected. Certain bridges must remain in ash in order for you to grow. Some people come into your life for a season and some for a lifetime. Your seasonal people will derail you and  your destiny if you transform them into a lifetime friend or connection. Embrace 2017 by letting go. Some things you are required to go through will force your separation from others.

6. Forgiveness does not equate to reconciliation. Forgive and stay free.

  • Although, I mended some friendships and forgave many. HA! Forgiveness does not equate to reconciliation. Read that again. God said forgive He never said reconcile. Especially, if they haven’t been rehabilitated. If there hasn’t been any change in their actions, chances are they will commit the exact same offense again. Your job is to forgive and allow your source to handle the rest. Embrace the freedom and strength in forgiving. Be like Oprah and begin to give out forgiveness like she did those cars. Anybody can be forgiven. Your soul will thank you later.

7. Stop explaining yourself to people. It’s okay to say, “No” with no explanation. Your feelings and thoughts matter.

  • I’ve had this problem for years. I was always trying to please everyone else and putting myself last. Saying, “NO!” felt like a sin to me, until 2016. I began to put myself first and agree to things that not only benefited me but helped me grow. I’m not saying you don’t sacrifice for others but if its something your inner man/intuition is against. I beseech you to decline. Embrace the No in 2017. It’s okay to put yourself first. Your feelings and thoughts matter. You are a priority. Not just to God but to yourself. Take the time to realize that.

8. Embrace the process, the struggle, the unfamiliar, and most of all the uncomfortable. God does amazing things during those times.

  • When I accepted the fact that great things are produced from the unknown, the process, the struggle, and being uncomfortable. I began to settle in the fact that if there is opposition, then that means I am headed the right way. All of these things built my character and my faith. They are the in between or better yet the transition from my glory to glory. Embrace 2017 with knowing you are headed in the right direction and the opposition is confirmation that your blessing awaits. You are just arms length from the promise. Don’t get discouraged in 2017. Continue pressing. It is well worth it…..I promise.

9. Transparency is sexy.

  • I’ve always, always had something to hide. Rather it was my “bad” past (it really isn’t that bad honestly compared to others) or what my intentions were. Rather in relationships or friendships I’ve always neglected to be completely authentic in fear of being really seen and rejected. 2016 I dedicated myself to being completely transparent with those around me. It was very challenging, yet liberating. I have never felt more free and powerful. One of my greatest strength is my authentic transparency. Its a load that is constantly lifted off of my shoulders when I am transparent with God and others. While dating transparency is such a turn on (yeah it’s super sexy) when a man/woman shows his/her complete self with no fear of being hurt; because they recognize who their healer is. In 2017 embrace being sexy by living transparent. If you can’t be all in, just start one conversation and topic at a time. You will begin to see scales fall of your eyes, viewing yourself and others. Watch how receptive God and your peers begin to be.

10. Their betrayal has set you up for a Joseph like blessing.

  • Betrayal attached to an unknown cause placed my feet on a path of continuous blessings. This year I have been betrayed by just family members…..cousins to be exact. They all came as a complete shock. I was blindsided and humiliated. As I released them and the situation daily I began to see God do something not just in me but in what I was praying for. They had no idea that their betrayal set me up for a Joseph like blessing. My favor wasn’t diminished because of what was done or said. Embrace 2017 knowing that betrayal is significant for two things. First, for God to get the complete glory. Second, for blessings to be released.

2017 is the year of alignment. Last years lessons, tears, fears, struggles, and unfamiliar wasn’t in vain. Your labor has produced a magnificent harvest that you are going to reap if you just hold on just a little longer.  Let 2017 be the year of your power moves and God being your press release.



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