Hello August


Unlike everyone else that resides in Chicago, the summer time is not a season of fun in the sun or carefree for me. Like clockwork the enemy turns all the way up! The moment the clock strikes midnight to indicate the beginning of summer. All my troubles rush in like a flood. But before I start sounding like I’m in the pulpit lol. God seriously raises up a standard against the enemy in the month of August.

Time and time again He allows me to walk through the fire untouched, while my spectators and myself sit in awe of what He has done.  Last night I had made it up in my mind that………THIS IS IT……….NOT ANYMORE………IM COMING OUT! As I paced my bedroom floor. I began to utter that I was falling out of agreement with everything that is not like God. I will no longer stay in a place of despair or constantly asking why. The moment I decided to realign myself with God’s will for my life despite what it looks like, despite what people are saying or doing, and despite the attacks. I immediately felt lighter.

The yoke became easy and the burden light. Actually the burden was no more. I had been carrying burdens that I should have casted and never picked backed up. Not to mention I was carrying certain burdens incorrectly which caused me to limp spiritually. I had no motivation Y’all. I was in the sunken place. I was a walking zombie and my environment was worse than the Walking Dead. Okay, I’m being a little drastic but you already know that I’m a tad bit extra.

I woke up an entirely new person. As if I walked through an open door while I was sleeping. That one hour of worship and prayer literally pushed me through the thresholds of my destiny and shifted my current atmosphere. While I was sleeping I woke up to several confirmations proving that my God heard me and is working on my behalf.  Weaping may endure for a night……..BUT…….joy comes in the morning!

Today I want to encourage you to hold on. Seriously, help is coming, especially during this month. Starting this month and the duration of the year, together we will walk in abundance. We will expect exceedingly and abundantly. As one we will begin to call forth the blessings of God into our lives. I dare you to be as bold as a lion when approaching the throne. Put your faith on the table!

Love Always,

LaToya Dèshawn 💋



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