Silent Victories


The more I grow spiritually, the more I appreciate silence. These silent moments expose your thoughts and heart, while God speaks. Instructions, secrets, and treasures are disclosed. The exchange of worry for peace is just the beginning. Before you know it this peace of conversation you are encountering with God becomes a daily ritual. I personally find it more rewarding than discussing my issues with those closest to me.

Just as important as it is to remain silent to hear God. It’s even more important to remain silent after He has downloaded, the proper essentials for the day or even the season to you. You can’t share everything that God has shown or said to you. Many won’t understand or many will disagree. Their lack of spiritual understanding can cause doubt to settle in quickly. A carnal mind will find the barricade, hurdle, or the impossible challenge ahead.

Meanwhile, back in the secret place. God has already made a way. He has straighten and lighten the path before you with His word. If God gave you a dream or a word. You need to protect it with everything in you. These silent victories will soon become public in due time. You won’t have to make it happen yourself or try to prove to others that God’s word still stands (He hasn’t lied to any one before. He’s not going to start now.). When the time is right, God will make it happen. Not a moment before or after.

Surrounding yourself with those that haven’t trained their ear to the voice of God. Can damage your hearing. It takes time and effort to zero in on God’s voice alone. There are all types of voices going through your head daily (or maybe that’s just me lol).  The last voice you need jumping around up there is the ones of the naysayers, non-believers, and spiritually immature. So many people abandon their mission because their “circle” lacked the understanding of their assignment. It wasn’t for them to understand. Stay the course. Your destiny depend on it, actually that are connected to you depend on it even more.

Many times your assignment, dream or passion involves you and you alone. God will send the right people with the right heart to assist you. I call them faith builders. They stand. No questions asked. They’re the real MVP’s. No strings attached because they too are following the voice of God that lead them right to you. Small victories lead to triumphant victories.

I want you to stay encourage. The road may seem long but He wouldn’t have given you the dream, passion or drive if there wasn’t an excellent plan attached. All  we are instructed to do is obey and God takes care of the rest. You can’t obey if you can’t hear His voice. Practice the silence challenge and indulge in His riches and glory. Learn the intricate patterns of your sovereign. The symphony of His voice is such a romantic melody. You’ll be surprised on how much He discloses in just one sitting.

Remember, all things, not some things work out for our good.God will give you the desires of your heart. According to His will. So in those silent moments mediate on aligning yourself with His will. The outcome won’t be a disppointment. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Going from glory to glory will cost you.








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