Soul Friends


Picture sitting across from a dear friend at an outing. It’s just the two of you. You are enjoying the company and everything that comes with it. The laughs, the untouchable eye candy, the food and wine. But one of you are drowning in the inside. The weight of the world is beating the back of your dear friend like the current does the shore. As you sit across from her you realize, what’s not being said is screaming at you through her eyes, the subliminal antidotes, and body language. You can’t help but wonder what’s really going on in the mind of your soul friend. You rejoice when she rejoices and you are in sorrow while she is in sorrow. Both souls can discern the other near and far. Sentences can be completed without putting any thought whatsoever into them. Memories are forever ingrained between the two, while anxiously waiting to create new ones. 

Through the loud music in the restaurant, the over zealous waitress, and countless televisions plastered on the walls. You see and hear more than she can even imagine. Your soul friend antenna is on full alert. Each off timing moment your eyes lock with hers, you discover a new scar that has yet to be discussed. She is desiring reciprocity, genuine love, fulfillment, silent tears dried, spoken and unspoken prayers answered. The God of her mother, father and ancestors seems so silent in the midst of her despair. All you can do is wonder. How, did I allow her to feel so stuck, disappointed and lost on my watch? What, type of soul friend am I? In order to have a friend you must be a friend. Maintaining a soul friendship is equivalent to up keeping the relationship between you and your soulmate. There is no 50/50 you are both 100/100 with each other. The weight of the world isn’t divided so neither is your soul friendship.

As you sit there and watch her force a smile, look into her sorrowful filled eyes, and discern her untold stories through her body language. You discover its not a listening ear that’s needed. Its a full on prayer session. A session that will allow a breakthrough for not just your soul friend but you as well. Keep in mind your souls are intertwined so what she is feeling you are feeling it faintly as well. It’s time to put these attacks out of their miseries. As she sips her drink, you mustard up the courage to bring what’s not being said to the table. A sigh of relief falls upon you both when, what needed to be said was accomplished.

It’s more than just a listening ear, beyond a few words of encouragement, and bypasses just being a vessel in her presence. This soul friendship is founded upon grace and love. The confidant in you recognizes that you are more than needed. The dozens of scriptures you know but only one comes to mind that will settle the raging emotions that are tearing her apart within.

Proverbs 27:17 says, “You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.”

 A soul friendship lifts up the soul. Their responsibility is beyond partying, drinking, and gossiping. You are accountable for each other. When one is down you both are down. You both take heed to Godly instruction and intercede for each other. This soul friendship isn’t just for anyone, its for the chosen few that knows the narrow righteous road can be overwhelming and convince you to quit at any moment. The temptations of the world is weighing heavy but you count on your soul friend to be that beacon on top of that distant hill.

In an era where cutting off people without hesitation is the norm. Is it possible for anyone to be friends, yet a soul friend? Soul search and discover if you have the qualities of a soul friend. Search your circle. Is there a soul friend in the midst. As the days become longer and lives are getting cut shorter. One could only wonder, its rare to find true love but even rarer to find true friendship that touches the soul.




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