With every growing moon I am becoming more spiritually savage.  I have broken away from the passive aggressive prayers I once uttered. Going boldly to the throne has become quite the habit. I would fall into my prayer closet consumed with despair and exit out roaring with confidence and much needed restoration. Becoming whole requires intentionality. Every day I entered my secret place constantly casting and casting; practicing not returning to pick it back up.

I am untouchable when I tap into the vein of prayer. Before I allow you to believe that I always go boldly to God. Let me explain that there are levels to this. First of all, I am a crybaby and a tattletale. When I pray I tell it all. We don’t call Him the many-breasted one for nothing. I literally lie on His breast like John and just cry it out. I spent hours just allowing God to repair the fragments of my broken heart.

My late friend Phil Lewis often called me a, “But why girl.”I never understood until I began analyzing my prayers. Why, why me, why him, why them, and the biggest why of them all…Why won’t you do anything? In the midst of all my whys, my spirit responded to God saying, “Heaven will respond when you rise!” NO more questioning the actions of others. Be done with searching out the decisions of those that refuse to bow down to my purpose. Stop mentioning what they did and prepare for prophetic instructions. He had quite a lot to say. Much conviction and repentance followed.

I had to repent for not coming to Him sooner. I knew better. Repentance fell greatly upon me when I realized I had to stop fighting my way and allow God to be God. Over and over I heard, “Be still and know that I am YOUR God.”(Psalm 46:10).  But the flesh will play if you don’t make it obey. Oh, how I cried. Still I detoured from what was really tormenting me. Pretending that He didn’t already know, like it wasn’t a part of His divine plan. Ignoring the level of intimacy God so desperately wanted me to tap into. The new levels of complete surrender and trust. For I have surrendered of coarse but those certain levels of trust, well let’s just say I was still a bit skeptical.

Overwhelmed by His presence alone. He allowed the feeling of untouchableness to fall upon me. Yes, I am aware that is not a word but listen that is exactly what it felt like. Something unusual and nonexistence that permitted me to stand assertively on, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”(2 Corinthians 10:4). Remember when I said, “Heaven will respond when you rise?”Let me say this as humbly as possible. They should have never put me in the position to posture myself low so the God in me can rise.

I began to call forth my angels and sent them on their assignments. I placed each one on their post with divine instructions at hand. I shot the arrows of God into the atmosphere. Oh! But when I called on the archangel Michael and insisted that he go into his special arsenal. That’s when the tables turned. The turf was no longer flesh bound. Untouched in the vein of spiritual warfare. I began to whisper the beginning of my favorite scripture. The way David beseeched God to deal with his enemies. Became intimacy goals. The entire 35thchapter of Psalms is an emotional plea for God to step in. A frantic plea for God to contend with those that contends with me!

If your enemies have arrived then the table is now set. One thing you can’t deny is God’s word. He will prepare a table before you in the midst of your enemies; while simultaneously allowing your cup to overflow. It’s when your enemies are at peace the trap unfolds. There is a reason vengeance is the Lord’s. NO ONE…..gets away! Ha, touch not my anointed, He said.

Every attack is needed. The set back is about to catapult you forward in your destiny. Betrayal will be one of your greatest testimonies. Miracles can’t happen if the weapon doesn’t form. What little strength you have, can you tap into the prayer vein? But first lie on His breast and cry it out. What concerns you concerns Him immensely. All you have to do is let it out so all of heaven can respond on your behalf. I will continue to repeat myself.

Go boldly to the throne. We are now under an open heaven. There is no better time to place your petitions at His feet. Specify what you need and your desires. He is not a man that He shall lie, nor the son of man that He shall repent.All of heaven calls him worthy. God will not allow heaven to fall apart because He failed you. That’s how much He loves each and every one of us. In return of His faithfulness, your love for God should run so deep that it’s difficult for those to pinpoint its origin.

I pray this week, month, and the rest of your year. You make it bow down to your God given purpose. Let your praise be the offering for the answer that is yet to come. Until next time my loves.




LaToya Dèshawn




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