Walking Out of Fear


Everyone has or has had dreams. If you are no longer dreaming, I guarantee that it is because you have been stalled, disappointed, rejected, hurt, lied to, or mistreated…. shall I continue?! When we speak things, they manifest. Sometimes we manifest our dreams into other people by speaking them and then doubting them (and ourselves). It is easy to have a dream or a thought, but if you don’t act on it someone else will. We have to learn to be more nurturing of our dreams just as we nurture our friends and family. Our dreams need love and attention too.

If a plant doesn’t receive air, nutrients, sunlight, space, temperature, time, and water it will eventually die. The same can be said about our dreams. If we don’t allow a combination of time, nutrients, exposure, temperature, and air to flow to our dreams they will die. We have to provide the nutrients necessary to feed the dream.

We have to ensure the times is provide and not rush it because timing is truly everything. God’s timing is key. We can rush all we want, but if God says no issa no! The right temperature has to be set if it is too cold or too hot in some cases we will kill it. Give it some space and air to breathe. Walk away sometimes. Allow yourself the ability to take (again) time to ensure you are giving your all.

Cluttering and suffocating your dreams may also kill them. Don’t you need water to survive? Well, why wouldn’t you water your dreams? Allow light to shine upon your dreams. Keeping a thing in darkness will eventually change it. Think of what happens to a plant without sunlight. It eventually begins to lose its color, wilt, and soon die. Don’t allow the same to happen to your dreams.

What dreams have you postponed out of fear? How many ideas have you had that didn’t progress further than the paper written on? How many thoughts have you dismissed because they were “impossible” or you thought they weren’t good enough? How many times have you started something to give up in the middle?

We all have made excuses, it is human nature! But how long will your excuses be your clutch?

How many times have you seen new products hit the scene or businesses open while thinking, I had that idea or I should/could have done that? We become discouraged or envious of someone else’s success because we could or should have done it or done it better. We mask our fears with envy or hatred of others success. We have to learn to embrace the success of others because if God can bless the other person, He can do the same for us.


In other cases, we hear messages or receive a word that may push us in that moment. Our souls and determination are set on fire. Then reality hits, bam!

Soon we allow the moment to pass. We allow our doubts to fill us and to capture our drive! We become captivated by “what if’s” and “next year” or whatever your favorite excuse is!!! We fail to act because we (think that we) aren’t good enough, no one knows me, I don’t have the money, I can’t because……you fill in the blank!!!

We don’t believe in ourselves. We feel inadequate. We may feel that we don’t have the necessary support. That’s why we haven’t stepped out on faith, right? We clam up and talk ourselves off the high. We have to learn to fight the voices of doubt and discouragement. Be confident and steadfast in knowing that what GOD has for you is for you.

It is chilling when we tap into the unknown. It is such an uneasy feeling. In many cases it seems easier to place our belief and faith in the things we can see. What is normal will become awkward. Don’t allow uneasy ground to stop you from stepping out on it. Anything worth attaining will require sacrifice(s).Your dreams should scare you and THEY SHOULD. If they don’t maybe they aren’t big enough or not meant for you.

Take the time to awaken your dreams. Clear you mind and begin to speak to yourself. Write down the first things that come to mind and build from there. If you already have things written down, revisit them. Revamp your dreams, desires, wants, and needs. Begin to focus on them (again) and allow your creative juices to flow. If you are stuck take a break and come back when you feel refreshed or are of a clearer mind. Meditate on what you intend to do. Pray and seek the Holy Spirit for guidance.

I can’t speak for you, but I know I have a tendency to become impatient and have the urge to move on my timing. I am fully aware it doesn’t work that way, but hey I’m flawed. We have to allow God to use and lead us in His time.

Erase those thoughts of doubt and fear. GOD didn’t create you to be complacent in mediocrity.You have been called for something greater. You have been called to be a child of the Most High and with that comes AMAZING THINGS. Tap into your POWER! Tap into your GREATNESS! Tap into YOURSELF! YOU ARE ENOUGH. When times are hard (because they will be) and you stop believing repeat it, write it down, affirm it daily……. I. AM. ENOUGH!!!

Do you think God would place something inside of you that He is unable to bring to fruition? Don’t you know that the God we serve created not only us, but this world and everything around us? The known and unknown. He is not the author of confusion. He is here to lead, guide, and help us. He wants us to succeed as any parent would/should. He has all POWER in His hand. ALL POWER. ALL POWER. ALL POWER. Allow that alone to provide you comfort. The same power that raised Christ from the dead, God has placed inside of you. That should give us all the necessary boldness to accomplish ANYTHING.

If we know this, why do we question the power He placed inside of us? Why do we question Him? Why do we question who we are and what we can do?

I promise I have been in your shoes. I have sat in your seat and possibly cried your tears. I have doubted, been rejected, and lied to and on, terrified, alone, lost, the list goes on and on and on. However, I am still here and so are you. For that alone we have to give thanks.


That means there is still time. Get up, get out, and get to work! Birth that thing! Bring it to Life!


Genesis 15:1

Isaiah 40:31

Joshua 1:9

Proverbs 3:5-6

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Romans 6:10-11




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