You’re Next


Blessings are descending every where around me. I am witnessing my close friends, family and peers receive exactly what we have been touching and agreeing upon. This can only mean one thing…….I AM NEXT! There is so much power within the phrase “I AM NEXT!” It holds more than just a promise but weight in the spirit. Favor is contagious! We know that favor isn’t fair but it does spread. If favor has touched your inner circle. You think you’ve seen exceedingly and abundantly for them. Watch and see what He has in stored for you. 

The dry season has been long and hard. It appears like each time you take a step forward you are knocked back eight. To only get back up and fight again. Boldly going to the throne with your loved ones issues and concerns. You have been lifting them up to an open heaven. In confidence you know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Pushing your own concerns and cares aside time after time. I am here to tell you that God has seen your sacrifices. None of your faithfulness has been in vain.

The attacks are temporary. The season is up. Your time is now. I know you feel passed over, forgotten, and unheard. God’s silence can seem like a punishment at times. Do not mistaken His silence for a no……nope……not going to happen…….forget about it. This is the time where trusting His heart and worrying about His hand comes into play. The psalmist David said, “For the LORD God is our sovereign protector. The LORD bestows favor and honor; he withholds no good thing from those who have integrity.” (Psalm 84:11).  Your godliness behavior will not go without being rewarded. There is no way God has forgotten your name.

The favor of God is upon you too. Silence those insecurities that are telling you:

  1. This is it.
  2. God is holding out on you.
  3. You missed your season now wonder the wilderness again.






Read this aloud:

“God has not forgotten me, I am more than a conqueror, He is not a man that He shall lie nor is He the son of man that He shall repent, everything that I was promised shall come to pass, and IT IS SO!”  

There is reassurance in your praise. Begin to thank Him for the answer. Even if you don’t know the answer thank Him for it any. Enter into His gates with praise and thanksgiving. Your harvest is within your praise. You already planted the seeds with your prayers for others. This particular praise is watering those seeds. Praise from a heart full of gratitude is paving a way when it seems like there is no way. Praising Him is your agreement to continuously pursue His will for your life.

He is increasing your faith. Each time you laid down your brothers or sisters concerns at His feet. God began working on your increase and overflow. Your self-less acts have not only eternal rewards but NOW rewards. Favor does not stop at your friends needs and desires. It continues with you.

Step into your moment…..wait dance into your moment. The harvest has sprouted and a new song is on your lips. Look to the left and the right. Do not compare but rejoice because your blessings are near. This is evidence that your prayers are being heard. HOLD ON!





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